I've decided to reduce the TDLV part of the site to just this page as there's been no news for quite some time, and although I'm sure I'll be doing some more solo music at some point in the future it's not likely to be any time soon. Stray Light and my photography activities continue apace however, and copies of the pessimisme CD are still available to order from the Doubtful Sound site.

4th DECEMBER 2002

Well, it's been a while since the last news update - been particularly busy with the launch of the new record label (Doubtful Sound), and new album by Stray Light. Incidentally, if you are still without a copy of last year's pessimisme CD then why not pop along to the label website, here, and pick up a copy at only £5 direct from us? Postage is free in the UK (just add £1 for shipping anywhere else in the world), and you can order securely on-line.

In other news, a new TDLV album entitled Angles and Shadows is complete, and should hopefully find a release at some point in the new year. I've had some good responses to the early versions of this 43-minute piece, and I'm certainly quite proud of it. There's also a 3" CD remix of the first very limited TDLV CDR that should see the light of day eventually, along with a piece called Light Capture which I haven't quite decided what to do with yet. Keep posted for news on all that, and when I have time, a long-overdue redesign of this site (which really is looking horribly clunky now).

24th JUNE 2002

Strings & Stings 2 is finally out, and is a wonderful collection of guitar-wrangling from an international assortment of musical stars ... somehow featuring my own lowly effort. Available in all good record stores now!

9th FEBRUARY 2002

The first batch of pessimisme CDs sold out at Anomalous late last year, but new copies should be available very shortly. This remains the easiest way for those of you in the US to get hold of a copy.

The Stars of the Lid support set never happened due to technical problems. Apologies to all who came along. Stray Light managed an ad hoc set which rocked the house.

There's still no definite news on the long-delayed Strings & Stings 2 compilation, but it should turn up at some point early this year.

14th DECEMBER 2001

TDLV will be playing a very short set prior to the proper Stray Light support for Stars of the Lid on January 30th. The venue is the Star & Garter in Manchester, details here. A brief review of our last show can be found on the Dark Star site.

In other news, copies of pessimisme are now available for our American friends through Anomalous for the limited-time bargain price of $7.99 - get them whilst they last!

5th OCTOBER 2001

BBC Radio 3 will be playing an extract from pessimisme on Late Junction this Monday night (the 8th). Check here for the precise listings.

24th SEPTEMBER 2001

Copies of pessimisme will be available shortly through Bruce Russell's Corpus Hermeticum mail-order site. This is what he had to say about it:

"I played it at our new cafe while baking muffins at 7am one Sunday and it sounded great."

Considering how big a fan I am of Bruce's work in The Dead C and A Handful of Dust this is fantastic praise! The album, it should be noted, sounds equally good whilst warming up croissants, toasting a teacake or just nibbling on a danish. Anyway, HCorp usually has a fantastic variety of interesting music at low prices and is well worth checking out.

15th AUGUST 2001

The new CD by The Double Life of Véronique, avec un pessimisme lucide, was released on 30th July. It can be ordered direct from the Nameless Records website, here. Read some reviews here.

To coincide with the release the first ever live TDLV events took place, premiering at aLECTRO-eCOUSTIC in Manchester (read review), followed by a performance at the first Sonorous event in London. Kat and Ellen from Stray Light were aboard for a 2 guitar/violin piece of microtonal improvisation, followed by solo guitar versions of Rust & Blue and Close Illumination.

No further live dates are planned at present, but will be posted here if the opportunity should arise. In the meantime sessions for the next TDLV projects - Light Capture and Aporia - are underway, and hopefully an EP collating the best parts of the limited A Few Don'ts by an Imagiste CD will appear at some point. Early September should see the release of FBWL's Strings and Stings 2 compilation which features a TDLV track alongside contributions from Lee Ranaldo, Rafael Toral, and many other guitar luminaries. A limited number will be available for a reduced price direct from me on release.

This site will hopefully see significant improvement and expansion over the next few months, so keep posted!

TDLV Live, 4/8/01 (Photo: Greg Akehurst)


A Few Don'ts by an Imagiste
Limited edition CDR, released June 2000

Avec un pessimisme lucide
Nameless Records CD, released July 2001

Strings & Stings Vol.2
FBWL CD compilation, released April 2002

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