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Stray Light's fourth album is their longest, most densely packed with musical ideas and most playful outing to date. A sideways flora and fauna theme runs through the record, and this is matched by the series of vintage biological illustrations on the cover. Each sleeve is handmade and unique.

Listen to some sample tracks on the band's Bandcamp and SoundCloud pages.

Thought Experiment / The Owl is the Baker's Daughter / Viper's Bugloss / Left-Handed Hummingbird / To Bell the Cat / The Continuity of Parks / Sloe Thorn Worm / Avoiding the Pipistrelle / Split the Lark / Sirens / Mare's Tail / Shell Game
Running Time: 55:34

We have a very limited number of the first solo CD by David from Stray Light available to order. Last few remaining!

"Each track takes a constant drone as it's base and gradually unfurls drifting harmonics like watching the first rays of light creep over a misty morning horizon, until light engulfs the senses ... a calm, reflective and beautifully blurred music"

"A la limite du drone."
-Fear Drop

"A rhythmless piece of ebbing, flowing, textural work that would probably drive most listeners mad."
-Almost Cool

More info and reviews: TDLVweb

MRI / Cochineal / Citronella / Rust & Blue / MRII
Running Time: 52:06

Available now is a limited edition release of the 2009 Stray Light album, Waves Broken. This edition is limited to 200 numbered copies, each coming in a hand-assembled recycled cardboard gatefold sleeve with art hand-printed by the band.

Waves Broken is the band's most diverse collection of songs yet - the loud bits are louder, the quiet bits quieter, and the weird bits are, well, weirder... Some unorthodox flute, viola, piano and balalaika round out the usual band sound.

There aren't many left, so order soon to be sure to get a copy!

Briar Patch / And Victor Turned / Sea Dog / Deer Meadow / 4-6-3 / Awry / Calenture / Routine Rabbit / A Series of Easily Forgotten Mistakes / The Ridiculous Aspect / A Reason to be Optimistic / Oubliette
Running Time: 47:09
And Victor Turned
Routine Rabbit

"Stray Light are all about slowburning intertwined guitar melodies, bolstered by sweet violin drone and skittering drums ... cute and sinister" - Brainwashed

The first release on Doubtful Sound Records is the second Stray Light album, following 2000's acclaimed Mile 7.

Largely conceived and recorded in a week's work in the isolation of a haunted farmhouse in the depths of the Sussex countryside, Careers continues and expands Stray Light's intuitive and idiosyncratic approach to music - balanced between improvisation and composition, noise and melody.

The sample MP3s give an idea of the range of ideas and approaches employed - Hearing Shapes is a beautiful, crystalline duet sung by Kat and Ellen, accompanied by delicately interlocking guitar parts and cracks of percussive noise from Chinese cymbals. Ckpunka is a throbbing instrumental improvisation in the mode of early Velvet Underground jams, albeit accompanied by a violin line tinged with Eastern European influence.

More info: Stray Light Web

The Haze & Your Arm / Wall of Mirrors #1 / Digression / Hearing Shapes / Sarcasm on the Move / Leyden Dance / Piano and Dead Cars / Ckpunka / Wall of Mirrors #2 / Kitty's Blues
Running Time: 45:46
Hearing Shapes
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